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At C. Mather Co., Inc., we are uniquely qualified to handle the most challenging commercial applications of high pressure laminate, solid surface products and engineered stone. With forty years of experience in commercial laminate applications, and over twenty years with solid surface products, we've done it all, from the most functional service worktops to unexpected decorative applications.

Our goal when servicing our commercial customers is to provide detailed information about our capabilities, the capabilities and limitations of the materials we work with, and to offer expert advice when consulting with contractors, builders or architects. If an application is possible, we'll find the best way to do it. We want to be your source for information and advice when tackling tough commercial projects.

Briefly, we would like to highlight some special capabilities that C. Mather Co., Inc. possesses that are unique in the industry.


We see less and less the specifying of Formica® type (plastic laminate) countertops in commercial lab, vanity and health care situations. Too often the countertops are fabricated with set-on or attached splashes, promoting unsanitary or hard to sanitize situations.

Unfortunately, the more popular alternatives are very expensive. C. Mather Co. (Mather Countertop Systems) can fabricate a custom sized cove rolled countertop without miters, or, in some cases, seams even, that rollup in the backsplash and side splash areas. These tops can last 15 to 25 years and can be replaced once or twice and still not equal the cost of a Corian® type (solid surface), or Engineered Stone top. (More info)

Solid Surface

The biggest problem with vanity tops in commercial buildings? Water. Water behind the faucet, slipping under the sink, hanging at the edge like a first time bungee jumper. Water soaking in, swelling the wood core, soapy water seeping into the stone finish and taking up residency. Water.

The simplest solution to this problem? Solid surface. Let it sit behind that faucet. Let it roll down that edge and - well? Evaporate. Just like the problem...


Engineered Stone
The newest entry into countertop materials, engineered stone has actually been around since the 70's. It has made the more recent transition to countertops quite successfully (unlike most of the rest of the 70's), and is fast becoming the preferred choice over Granite. For one thing it is NSF approved... .



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