Engineered stone in commercial applications:


The hardness and heat resistance of stone, but with greater stain resistance gives this newest entry in the world of alternate surfacing materials a promising future for commercial use. In many cases, a ten year warranty sweetens the pot. An NSF food service rating removes one of granite's major stumbling blocks for specification.

  With many brands being added to the engineered stone pantheon, the quartz surfacing industry is growing at a rate comparable to solid surface in the 90's.

Zodiaq, Silestone, Techno-stone, etc. are all made in basically the same way. Approximately 93% quartz, with an acrylic or polyester binder, consistent pattern throughout, and the characteristic hardness of surface all combine to give the product the advantages of natural stone, with added benefits stone cannot provide.

  Other terms for engineered stone are:

Engineered quartz, Quartz surfacing, Bretton stone.

The material is fabricated in much the same way as stone, with diamond tooling, wet fabrication preferred, and masks must be worn (silicosis, and all that). Unfortunately, the limitations of stone are in play here as well. As yet, no one has successfully fabricated a coved splash, so set on splashes are still the norm. Seams are as tight as they can get, and, due to the pattern consistency rarely found in stone, are generally better looking in appearance.

Mather continues our tradition of offering the best service and design sense when we measure, and install this product. Because we relay on CNC technology to perform most of the cutting operations, and we fall back on our Solid surface and Laminate sensibilities, custom items that are generally ignored by other fabricators are given the attention they deserve with us.

Tabs at walls, notches, "ears" and other elements can help make a good fit great. We understand the advantage of knowing what can happen down the road, not just after the installation. We plan for this. You are the better for it.