Laminate Tops: why they still may be the best value in commercial design

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We see less and less the specifying of FormicaŽ type (plastic laminate) countertops in commercial lab, vanity and health care situations Too often the countertops are fabricated with set-on or attached splashes, promoting unsanitary or hard to sanitize situations. Unfortunately, the more popular alternatives are very expensive in comparison. C. Mather Co. can fabricate a custom sized cove rolled countertop without miters, or, in some cases, seams even, that rollup in the backsplash and side splash areas. These tops can last 15 to 25 years and can be replaced once or twice and still not equal to cost of a CorianŽ type (solid surface) top.

Different depths, different splash heights, and a variety of glue types to make a low maintenance countertop suitable to almost any need. With a coved splash, we eliminate one of the hardest areas to clean (whether laminate or solid surface), provide superior moisture protection and we may even be able to run that coved splash right up to the upper cabinets, or at least further away from the source of contamination. This eliminates the top of the splash from becoming a problem as well.


The Mather coved roll tops are less expensive, easy to clean, and may be the answer in many situations where moisture protection and ease of cleaning are required, but the budget is not unlimited.



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