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A deck/edge combination using three different Avonite colors, and three different router bits, to achieve the unique edge treatment.

Let it rain

Please see the pages in Architects Corner to get more detailed info with line drawings, etc.

The biggest problem with vanity tops in commercial buildings? Water. Water behind the faucet, slipping under the sink, hanging at the edge like a first time bungee jumper. Water soaking in, swelling the wood core, soapy water seeping into the stone finish and taking up residency. Water.

The simplest solution to this problem? Solid surface. Let it sit behind that faucet. Let it roll down that edge and - well? Evaporate. Just like the problem.

Same with showers, reception counters, and food service work tops. The resistance to moisture is a matter of record, as is the reparability, virtually unlimited design options, and durability.

The more facilities that use solid surface in ever increasing functions, the more the value is revealed. Whether Avonite®, Gibralter®, Corian®, Hi-Macs®, or any of the other solid surface products, the "cost benefit analysis" (what a phrase) leans strongly toward surfaces made with these materials.

C. Mather Company (Mather Countertop Systems) has been working with solid surface longer than most fabricators have been in business. We were at the forefront of innovations such as thermoforming, coved splashes, and indistinguishable seams. We continue this tradition with finding new ways, and adapting new technologies to produce tops faster and for less cost without sacrificing finish quality. Products such as "Vandel" vanity tops, "Desk Caps", and "Table Caps" by Mather merge different brands together, so the confusion fades away and - well - evaporates.

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