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The premiere surface in today's homes is clearly that group of materials referred to generically as Solid Surfacing. C. Mather Co. has specialized in producing custom counters since the introduction of the earliest solid surfacing products.

Solid Surfacing products such as Corian® by DuPont, WilsonArt's Gibraltar®,Avonite®, Hi-Macs®, etc. have become the first choice of consumers who demand the highest quality, performance and beauty from their countertops.

Design Flexibility: Any size, shape and profile is possible with solid surfacing. it is the same color and pattern throughout, which means that it can be carved, or milled into any shape. The adhesive system used for joining pieces together makes nearly invisible seams, so even the largest counter becomes, in effect, one piece.

surelbar.jpg (8401 bytes) Add undermount sinks, carved in drainboards, borders, and color inlays, and the design possibilities are unlimited.

With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, and more introduced regularly, solid surface can enhance any decor or design scheme. A solid surface countertop is distinctive and can be the centerpiece of the best of kitchens.

cor874.jpg (61555 bytes)

A preferred food preparation surface in restaurants and institutional kitchens, the hard, non-porous material resists staining and is easier to sanitize than most other surfaces. These materials have a track record of durability that allows manufacturers to offer a 10-year limited warranty.

rep2nd.jpg (16191 bytes)
click on image for more about repairs
Solid surfacing is unique among countertop products in its reparability. The seaming capability facilitates the replacement of damaged sections of top without having to replace the whole top. Scratches and scuffs can be sanded out by the homeowner. Try doing that with tile, granite, or laminate!
Bath Vanities:

There is quite possibly no better material for bath vanity tops as Solid surface. All the advantages of the kitchen tops, but less likely to encounter hard scratching, etc., Solid surface vanity tops can be shaped, sculpted,  inlaid, coved, and installed with integral sinks to fit almost any shape or corner the bath can throw at it.

This vanity top features a coved splash, a seam mounted sink, and a scalloped front edge.

Tub and shower surrounds:

You can clean Solid surface wet walls with cleanser, pine cleaners, etc. Custom inlays and routes add effects such as tile, without grout. Recessed or surface mounted soap and shampoo caddies can be made from the same durable material, for extra convenience.

Click on image for more photos.


Outside the Home:

Solid Surface products are showing up in an expanding diversity of products. Travel trailers, like that pictured here, boats, campers, poolside, outdoor signage, etc. Anywhere, that water resistance, low maintenance, and lasting quality must blend with beauty, and diversity.

triler2.jpg (18501 bytes)

Closer look of countertop in travel trailer. This countertop features a cove inlay backsplash, and an under mounted stainless steel sink with a fitted cutting board. Most residential countertops are not fitted out this well. Yours, however could be soon!

Call us to find out how.

triler1.jpg (15835 bytes)

All the images on all of our web pages, as well as our brochure pages are jobs performed by Mather Countertop Systems.

Key Benefits for Solid surface tops

bulletVery low maintenance.
bulletInconspicuous seams.
bulletCan be fabricated with coved splashes, seam mounted sinks, inlays, etc.
bulletRepairable, resandable.


bulletSolid surface scratches easier than stone, and does not possess as high a heat resistance.
bulletMore costly than laminate.
bulletDark solid surface surface colors show scratches more than lighter color, due to a process known as "whitecapping".

Most common solid surface products used in the fabrication of a Mathertop:



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