Repairing solid surface

No material is immune to damage. Solid surface is no exception. Because of the type of material it is, however, solid surface can be effectively repaired in a simple, straightforward manner.

When a crack, burn, or chip is created in a solid surface top, it is uniquely possible to repair the damaged area by using a spare piece of color matched material. This material should have been left with you while receiving your new countertop. If you do not have it, other material of the same color can be used.
A template is made which is sized to remove the damaged area. This is most often a triangle shaped template. A router is used to cleanly remove a section around the damaged area.
With the same template, a duplicate of the cut area is routed out of the repair piece. With very little extra shaping, this piece fits as good as most straight seams do.
The repair piece is glued and clamped into place, using the same adhesive used in making standard deck or edge seams.
When finished, in most cases you have a repair that is virtually imperceptible from the rest of the deck. If you are using a repair piece from a different color run, it may not be quite as imperceptible, but will look darn good, and be a quite stable repair.

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