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Technology marches on....

And we're walking side by side with it. The increased affordability of CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery. We do not just digitize our own tops, either. We have helped countless customers and others over the years by turning their physical templates into digital templates that can be sent across the globe, or to the tech school in the next town, for fabrication by others.

Our CNC router system allows us to follow prescribed patterns as designed by our clients, when it is important to do so. It allows us to actively engage in changes that often occur, with little disruption or down-time. We can also provide low cost mock-ups, so our commercial and residential customers can see in advance if a detailed piece will work.

Key Benefits

bulletAccurate - you are getting what you asked for.
bulletDigitized templates allow for improved consistency in product across town, or across the country.
bulletThe ability to see a full size, or a scaled physical rendering that you can actually fit to check.


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