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Architect's Corner
Top Tips

So, have you been told that you need to have your tops removed before your tops can be measured, or templated? Then you must wait up to six weeks to get your new top? Sound like fun?

Not here. Rare are the circumstances that require a removal to perform a template. If so, we will do it ourselves, then we will reinstall the tops. The only things we can't do are electrical or plumbing.

Beware the firm that outsources the job of templating and/or measuring to others. Mather performs this function as part of the integrated fabrication/installation system we perform daily. We fabricate to templates or measurements by others, of course, but not when we are the installers. You might be surprised at the level of detail we employ when we size a job. It will give you confidence in seeing that your money is well spent at Mather Countertop Systems.

Key Benefits

bulletStart to finish involvement in the process. You know who is doing it, you know who you must talk to, you know who will stand behind their work.
bulletMore accuracy, owing to greater responsibility.
bulletMore attention to detail, as well as involvement by you, our customer.


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