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Countertops are, of course, made from other materials than the ones we focus on. We fabricate butcher block tops often, and work with other materials, such as steel, glass, etc. If we have to collaborate with another type of fabricator for any work, we will stand by it as if we made it ourselves. A butcher block top, for instance, we will procure the "slab" from Bally. or John Boos, or even have a custom slab made, and then shape, mill, and fit the top ourselves. We will only use the best of fabricators and materials we can find.

There are materials we will not recommend, of course. Marble and most other stones besides granite are soft, or more porous. Tile should be used only in areas that have a special need (hot plate areas, etc). None of the above mentioned materials should be used where food needs to come in contact with the surface (including, sadly, granite).

Stainless steel is enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity, but caution is urged for this. Glass can be a wonderful countertop in the right settings, or as accents throughout the home. Call or write us with questions on these and other surface materials you have an interest in.


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