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Granite has, for a very long time, been the material of choice for many prestigious kitchen designers. It has a look that belies from whence it came: Nature. The randomness of its pattern is both a problem and a benefit.

 Because it is not manufactured, it is forgiven its inherent matching problems when slabs are seamed together. Because it is part of a much larger structure (the great rock from which it was quarried), fissures and unseen cracks can occur, but it all is part of the natural qualities of the material.

The biggest problem we have with granite is the risk of staining. The product almost universally needs to be sealed, and repeatedly. Even then you will have to watch what you leave in contact with it. The olive oil from the pizza box, the wine stain that may accumulate around the bottom of the bottle...

For all its detractions, however, granite is still a very popular surface material. It is fairly well resistant to heat, is difficult to scratch (although one of the listed items that can scratch granite is sand), and to be fair, many patterns and "species" of stone do not share as much risk as others. The possibility of undermount sinks add to the usefulness and beauty of a top made from stone.

Mather will template your job with the existing tops in place, unlike most of our competition. We will also go to the trouble of special fitting needs that others won't do. Trust us to give you the honest plusses and minuses of any product we sell. We are not beholden to one type of material or another, so we have "no dog in that fight".


Key Benefits

bulletHard surface, highly resistant to scratching.
bulletOne of the more heat resistant materials on the market.
bulletA natural beauty that is almost unmatchable.


bulletPorous throughout, stone must be sealed on occasion, and repeatedly.
bulletDamage is either very expensive, or impossible to repair.
bulletSeams are always apparent.
bulletGranite adds a lot of weight to your project. Good support is required.
bulletThe customer must approve of the final slab, due to the unpredictable pattern.


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