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Engineered Stone



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Engineered stone takes the best properties of natural granite (scratch and heat resistance) and adds more stain resistance, color consistency, and uniformed finish.

One of the issuers some customers have with Solid surface is that it is more easily scratched than stone. While the scratches can be removed with little effort, this is still an issue to some. Stone tops can generally take more heat than can solid surface. Enter engineered stone. Sometimes called engineered quartz, or quartz surfacing, this product combines the best elements of granite (heat and scratch resistance) and adds greater stain resistance, does not need periodic sealing, and has a consistent and predictable pattern/color.

Engineered stone is 93% - 94% solid quartz. The rest of the material is the sealing/bonding agent, that provides you with a stone top that does not need sealing. Quartz is the hardest component in granite, giving you a top that in most cases is actually harder than granite.

With stone or engineered stone, the best sink option is usually an undermount stainless steel sink. Go for the more traditional undermount - where the bowl is concealed by the cut out, rather than the option favored by sink manufacturers, wherein the top rim of the sink is exposed.

Stone tops are not fabricated at Mather Countertop Systems' facilities in South Windsor. Instead, we template your kitchen, digitize the templates and have them custom fabricated according to our specifications. The difference between Mather and another company is you will not have to have your tops removed by others when we template. You can still use your kitchen and save on plumbing and reinstallation costs. We take more time on the design and installation to give you a better job from the start.

We understand that no two kitchens are alike. We can design even tough to shape stone tops to fit in areas others would give up on. While different materials have different capabilities, we will endeavor to set you up as best as can be done, with the product of your choice.

All the images on all of our web pages, as well as our brochure pages are jobs performed by Mather Countertop Systems.

Key Benefits

bulletAll the benefits of stone, with few of the problems (more stain resistance, no fissures and cracks, you do not have to go to the stone mill to choose your slabs).
bulletThe colors and patterns are consistent and predictable. There are no issues, as with stone, regarding turning the corners or adding a seamed piece from another sheet.
bulletMost brands are backed by a 10 year warranty.


bulletThe seams are more conspicuous than in solid surface.
bulletThe material, like stone, cannot be coved, or have seam mounted sinks.
bulletVery hard and expensive to repair.
bulletEverything gets scratched sooner or later. Stone and engineered stone is awfully hard to refinish.

Some of the manufacturers Mather uses for their Engineered stone tops are:



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