180 Degree Wrap Front Edge

Design Watch:

Laminate:Postform laminate can be formed to as small as a 5/8" radius, but is easier to customize at 3/4" or better. Vertical grade laminate is usually post-formable at a smaller radius, but is not recommended for high use applications. Radii much larger than 3 or 4 inches tend to push the workable surface back from the front edge. This can be uncomfortable in vanity tops, etc. The biggest drawback of a 180 wrap edge in a laminate top is that whenever an inside corner is needed as in an "L" or "U" shaped countertop, each must be joined by a mitered seam. This is not necessary in self edge or applied edge tops.

Solid Surface:Any radius or diameter is possible as long as a shaping bit can be fabricated for it. Because solid surface materials are milled into the material, they are not hampered by the limitations of laminating, as such, they do not need the mitered seams at inside corners.

Other Terms:
Bullnose, 1/2 Round, Full Wrap

Description: Laminate: Material is heated and thermoformed down over the nose and all the way underneath.
Solid Surface: Front edge is milled to whatever diameter equals the front edge thickness.

Variations:Radii can be smaller than 1/2 the width, resulting in a rounded to and bottom with a flat section in the middle.

Applications: Used wherever a stylish, softer edge is desired. Excellent for wall caps, chair ails, most countertops - especially straight ones.

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