Design Watch:

While the miter-fold, or V-grooved edge is one of the most labor-saving edges, care must be taken to include a glue block of similar behind the edge to add strength when needed. We feel a 1/2" x 1/2" block is acceptable for most size drops up to about 5", over-all.

There are also some edge profiles that are impractical, or more labor-consuming that others using this technique. A bullnosed edge, for instance, will either need to be double grooved, to fold the material twice, so the full diameter of the radius can be used (assuming, for instance, a 1 1/2" thick top, with a 3/4" radius, using only 1/2" material).

There is also a practical limit to using this technique, as most solid surface material is about 30"  in width, the combination of a drop skirt, with a 22" - 25" deep deck (the most common depths for vanities), will limit getting a coved          "v-groove" splash, using the same technique out of the top.

Most important to bear in mind, is that, with rare exception, this technique is to be considered with straight line edge profiles. Adding radiused corners increases cost, while serpantine, or curved shapes are darn nigh impossible.

Other Terms:
V-Grooved edge

Description: The flat piece of solid surface material is run through a shaper, or special saw with a "V" shaped cutterhead (or in some cases, a router bit). A special tape is applied to the non-cut surface, which will act as a hinge when the material is removed. Adhesive is applied to the grooved portion, and the material is held tight with tape till set.

Variations: There are a variety of cutterheads to give you many edge possibilities. Bevel edges, over bent (past 90 degrees) edges, etc. are quickly cut and glued, eliminating an awful lot of labor that would otherwise need to be applied.

Applications: The best, and most obvious example of the savings gained by V-groove fabrication is the 4" or 5" drop skirt design. Taking about the same amount of time to make as a smaller drop, the flush front it leaves allows for the bowl to be pulled forward, and conceals any structural items as well. A glue block is especially necessary here, however, and should be allowed for in the design of any web support, or vertical strengthener.

Other applications are available. to see the most complete set, call us, or visit the site of a V-groove machine manufacturer such as Auto V, or Star V-groove. We have samples at our shop to get to you, if you wish.



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