Engraving in Solid surface materials is an effective, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to improve on design, or add a feature of value to many countertops or wall sheets.

Usually, you will not want to do an unfilled 3D (really 2 1/2 D) design on a flat surface. Two notable exceptions would be drainboards, or inlay routes to receive heat rod inserts.



Fluted columns and rosettes accent this Greek-inspired vanity top made from solid surface with a sink and faucet set inspired by the design of the top.
An image soon to be engraved into a shower surround. This image is 8 1/2" x 6". Because it was designed in a vectored format, it will be routed into the wall sheet at a size of approximately 3' x 5' when finished.
V-grooved engraving, similar to above image, but painted for detail and contrast. Becuase it was in solid surface, we just sprayed the black paint over the whole surface, then sanded over the face. All that was left was the paint in the grooves. Easy. Neat. Not recommended for horizontal surfaces.
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