90 Degree Wrap Front Edge

Design Watch:

Laminate: Although postforming laminate can bend at a 5/8" radius, 3/4" provides a safer bend. Care must be made not to match the radius with the thickness of the front edge. It is important to let the laminate have an area of flat for good adhesion. It also eliminates a potentially dangerous knife edge. Try to allow at least 1/4" of flat at the bottom of the bend.

Solid Surface: Because edge treatments on solid surface tops are usually milled into the material, a wide variety of options are possible, including "French curve" type styles. Have fun with this one, but try to soften the bottom of the edge somewhat, for safety. Solid surface is hard and can be milled very sharp.

Other Terms:
Waterfall Edge, Postform Edge, Round Over Edge

Description: Laminate: The laminate is heated and rolled over the front edge of the countertop.
Solid Surface: The radius is milled right into the material. This means that there is no limits on how small a radius could be.

Variations:With laminates, the bottom can be rounded, as long as minimum radiuses are observed. (3/4" radius preferred minimum).

Applications: Any counter application where a softened edge will be comfortable for the customer to work at. particularly workstations, desks, countertops, etc. Also,any countertop or worktop that looks good with a softened edge.

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