Solid Surface Splash Options

No Splash: Used in almost any composition where water or food are not present. Or when a material of thickness, i.e., tile, mirror, or full wall solid surface is specified and a silicone seal is used at the join for protection.

Quarter round:
A solid surface 1/2" x 1/2" quarter round is a relatively low cost way of getting better protection against damage while maintaining a low profile to the countertop. A silicone joint is made where solid surface meets solid surface and where solid surface contacts the wall.

Low Cove inlay:
Affords the most protection and is the easiest to maintain of the low profile treatments. Excellent in a tile to deck kitchen or lavatory situation when a sleek profile is wanted. If the wall is straight enough, a clean transition from tile to deck is achieved.

Set on Splash:
When the wall needs more protection from moisture, grease, etc. A higher backsplash is called for. The set-on backsplash is the least expensive to fabricate and the quickest to install.

Coved Inlay Splash: Overall best splash, with imperceptible transitions from scribe, to splash face, to desk. For the best fit to wall, a scribe should be specified to be part of the splash. By far the easiest to maintain when easy, fast cleaning is of the essence.

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