Postformed Splash

Design Watch:

The most common tops that have a postformed backsplash are called "blanks". Owing to drastically reduced labor, they are the least expensive of the cove rolled countertops to fabricate. A rolled front and postformed splash can be turned out fairly quickly. Straight lengths have few design deficiencies, except maybe for the square finished ends, which must be applied after the deck laminate. These are called 'end caps'.

The trouble is, if you wish to change direction - make an "L" shape, or a "U" shape countertop, you would need to put a mitered seam at the inside corners. Mather Countertops can fabricate (non-rolled front) countertops using multiple coved splashes without miters. Using a rigid, water resistant adhesive, it is probably the best laminate top made. See the report on Self Edge Cove Rolled Countertops.






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Other Terms:
Fully Formed Splash,
Round Over Splash,
Round Top Splash,
Rollover Splash,
Postformed Splash

Description: Laminate is applied to substrate, thermoformed over top of splash, and thermoformed into a coved splash shape. A shaped support block is adhered and fastened to open area for strength and support.

Variations: Splashes can be as low as 1" above deck (3" recommended minimum), to as high as material allows. Borders an be applied for two-tone effect.
The top of the splash can become a new countertop level by extending the area normally used as scribe.
End splashes can also be rolled top, but are costly to fabricate.

Applications: All types of countertops, or service counters, eating bars, or vanity tops where the water resistance of a coved splash and ease of cleaning are desired.