Attached Splash


Design Watch:

Attached Splash Tops are among the most common laminate tops being fabricated today. There is not a need for expensive tooling or extensive training to fabricate. Although this style top affords better protection than a set on splash top, it does not come close to a rolled cove splash top for maintenance and water protection.



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Other Terms:
Nail On Splash
Screw On Splash

Description: Back splash is set behind the deck and attached with glue, screws, nails, staples, or a combination thereof. The splash usually extends down to whatever build up is provided with the top.

Variations:Splash can have a round top, or bevel top, but it means that adjacent splashes must be mitered to fit.

Applications: Countertops and worktops that need some protection where splash meet wall. This splash style gives more protection than a set on splash, but less than a rolled cove style. This is also a good application when going around outside corner situations, including chases and outside walls.